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Business Puzzles

At Puzzle Innovation we help individuals and organisations to build solutions to their challenges through co-creation, leadership, dialogue and team building activities. 

Our favorite type of puzzles

We design and faciltiate different type of events and journeys.
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We help teams innovate and build better solutions. Using Co-creation and Design Thinking, we specialise in bringing together people to ideate, prototype and solve a challenge while being resourceful.

Design Sprints

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Be it a fun retreat or part of a corporate event, we design and provide solutions to engage in team-building activities that focus on creating a culture of effective communication, conflict resolution and trust.

Community Building

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From a one time session to a long-lasting programme, we build capacities for an individual as well as groups, both in theory and practice. Our approach here is, the better you know yourself and your team, the better you can connect and lead. These courses can also be customised for groups accordingly.

Training Courses

Building Integrated Change

A four week collaborative journey to develop the skills and knowledge for leading individual and collective change.

Arriving at Basecamp

Finding the Path

Sensing into the Unknown

Preparing for the Future


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

SOlve your puzzle.png

We empower you to see the whole puzzle, to find the missing pieces and reach your goal on time. 

Your journey starts with us by asking the right questions to frame your puzzle. 


Anand, Smartivate

The workshop helped us refine our ‘Go to market strategy’ and enhanced our strategies to approach new markets for a path towards success!! The results and timeline generated in just 8 hours with inputs from 25 intellectuals exceeded our expectations, in turn saving us around 2 months of time and resources.


Lara, Vattenfall

In just a very short time we managed to dive deep into what really drives my colleagues and myself. This helped us to figure out where we want to be in the long term, and also what we can do right now in order to get there.


Cristian, wedowe

I am always amazed of how much it is possible to achieve in such a short amount of time, when people are brought together for a purpose. I have made countless new friends, heard so many amazing stories by as many amazing people and yes, I have to be honest, I have managed to feel part of something

Why Puzzle Innovation?




puzzled; puzzling

The state of being puzzled;


innovate; innovating

A new idea, method or device; NOVELTY

We believe, in order to create a better world, it is crucial that people and organisations work together and communicate the same language. 

That's why we bring together experts in Co-Creation, Innovation and Community Building in our Puzzle Innovation Network™ offering various services to bring people closer. 

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