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Puzzle Innovation


Falko Döring

The Traveller

"Sometimes you need to get lost in order to find out who you are."


Having travelled 3 continents and lived in 7 countries, Falko got lost many times only to master the art of refinding himself.


This rooted wisdom empowers him to hold up challenging spaces and support others to calmly confront them.

The Roots

Puzzle Innovation started as a dream to change the world to a better place by supporting others to think & act as a whole.

Like in a puzzle, until we put together all pieces, we do not know what the picture is.


Puzzle Innovation is born to help you identifying your pieces and start solving your puzzle. 


"Progress is made of full breaths, conscious steps and passed fears."

Having coached hundreds of students and guided numerous organisations in the development of visions and strategies, Tiago specialises in finding ways to go beyond the established thinking patterns and root in the fertile lands of collective intelligence.

He has worked with some of the best coaches/facilitators in Europe.

Tiago Mendes

The Climber


– Matt Clarke, CEO @ Switched-On Global

Keep Going

Keep Breathing