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A remote immersive team-building experience
mastering the challenge to collaborate
offline and online in a fun way!

Puzzle Box

Why remote team building?


Learn new rules of communication and readjust to them.

Team Spirit

Reinforce your team spirit by getting to know different faces of your team members.


Dig into your potential of team creativity to solve the challenges.


Dissolve existing structures to connect on a personal level.

How does the Puzzle Box work?

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Puzzle Box1.png
From the Puzzle Innovation headquarters, we send all required materials to all participants.
Each participant receives an envelope, which can be opened on the arranged day & time in a video call.
5 - 180 participants
60 - 90 min
​As soon as all envelopes are open, your team activity begins. Each team member possesses a unique element that will help the whole team to solve the mystery. And only through collaboration, you will be victorious.
The less you know, the more beneficial will be the experience. Nonetheless, we understand the need to know what you are going to dive into, and therefore, we are happy to provide you with more information.
Just write to us. 


 "I really liked that all participants had the same opportunities and that everyone was needed to achieve the goal."

Average Rating: 4.6 of 5! (NPS: 87.5)

"It took us about 1 hour and the time has flown by."

What are the benefits?

It reinforces team spirit through overcoming challenging situations and the celebrations for each little step which brings you closer to the goal. We create moments that remain in the participants' memory to endure dry spells in business with easiness. 
This dynamic allows you to train and, later in the debrief, demonstrate to the team your communication capacity, problem solving, creativity and logical reasoning, both from an individual and group perspective.


We provide a transparent pricing structure, including a handling fee, a participant fee and an optional digest.
Handling Fee: 150 EUR per order
Participant Fee: 20 EUR per participant
Digest: 200 EUR (optional)
Here, you can find an example calculation. Write us to get your quote:
The Handling Fee
The handling fee covers the service to manage and process your order in terms of logistics and client management. We are eager to establish a close relationship with our clients to improve their experience. 
Participant Fee
The participant fee covers the costs to produce the materials per participant and the shipping costs. If shipping needs to be done outside the EU, additional fees can be applied. 
We highly recommend to include this option in your order. Here, we provide an expert facilitator who will facilitate your session with an introduction and a digest in the end. The digest includes reflections on the experience to increase the learning effect for all participants. 
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