Puzzle Box

A remote immersive team-building experience
mastering the challenge to collaborate
offline and online in a fun way!

Why remote team building?

"It took us about 1 hour and the time has flown by."

 "I really liked that all 

 participants had the same

 opportunities and that everyone was needed to achieve the goal."



Learn the new rules of communication and readjust to them.

Team Spirit

Reinforce your team spirit by getting to know different facets of your team.


Dig into your potential of team creativity to solve the challenges.


Use the available technology and get to know new tools

How does the Puzzle Box work?

Adding optional debrief.

What are the benefits?

It reinforces team spirit, because stressful situations and
celebrations for each obstacle overcome create moments that remain in the participants' memory.
Allows you to train and, later in the debrief, demonstrate to the team your articulation capacity, problem solving, creativity and logical reasoning, both from an individual and group perspective.

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