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Building Integrated Change through Dialogue

A collaborative journey to develop the skills and knowledge

for leading individual and collective change. 

4 weeks · 15 hours of interactive classes

In collaboration with

sensemakers collective





Learn to harness yourself and others as a means to take effective action in a volatile and complex world.





Acquire the skills to take action and be inspired by the progress of your course mates.





Benefit from the collective energy and knowledge to boost your capacity for change.





Discover the underlying purpose and  bigger picture to enhance collaboration.

What will change for Me during this course? 

Why Integrated Change

Through Dialogue?

Integrated Change.png

Individual Level

Collective Level

We feel that many of the pressing challenges of our time such as climate change are caught up in a fragmented view of whether the individual or the collective levels bear the main responsibility of finding solutions. With this, there often comes a judgment as to what angle is more or less promising. However, from our own personal and professional experience, we feel that both angles are necessary and direly needed to tackle any complex challenge, no matter its scale. 


Integrated change acknowledges that any change process benefits from work both at the individual and collective level. Dialogue for us is the means to this process: we dialogue with ourselves and others to clarify and learn about perspectives, intentions and needs in a given context.

During this course, we provide the capacities and the space for exploring integrated change in the diverse contexts of each participants’ intention, ranging from an individual over organizational to global settings. This holistic approach allows us to harness the collective wisdom of our community and promises an exciting journey for all of us, where learning and action become closely intertwined.

Voices of past participants

Examples of

integrated change intentions

Throughout the course, we will explore capacities that we deem necessary for working on inner and outer learning.

For your journey, we invite you to select a change intention allowing all of your learning to have a real-life backdrop. Our invitation is for you to follow your guts and sense into where you feel a need for transformation - be it in your life or your organization. Upfront, we will support you to crystallize what you aim to get out of the course. Take a look at day 0 of the curriculum further below.

Take a look at some examples of integrated change intentions:



Learn how you can ground your intention in individual work and collective empowerment to make a positive impact toward a large-scale transformation such as climate change, social injustice and gender equality.



Start transforming your team and business by exploring complex relations and alternative structures. Create a more supportive and fun culture, implement innovative processes and improve team communication.



Kick-off that self-transformation by becoming aware of the different elements of your identity and the external influences. Understand how to increase the impact of your efforts by tapping into resources in and around yourself. 

Corporate Benefits

Is your change intention primarily focused on the professional or business level? Perhaps you are looking to improve your company’s culture and/or structures? Or build better relationships and communication practices in your work environment? We offer you two private consultation sessions over a 30-day period after the course is finished - see below Journey Pass (Corporate).

During these consultation calls, we will engage in a generative dialogue to uncover how to best apply the concepts and outcomes from the course to your professional change journey. This yields in a higher probability for a successful transformation.

Alumni Benefits

Alumni Benefits

Already as a student you will be invited to join the Alumni Community of this course. With completion you will receive lifelong access to the network. This includes:

  • Being able to contact other amazing people

  • Being invited to speak at future Puzzle Innovation events

  • Being able to participate in the fourth week of future courses
    and continue lifelong learning (see curriculum of week 4 here)

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Full Curriculum

Selected methods such as interviewing, peer-to-peer coaching, journaling, group dialogues,

case studies and other practices will help build our capacities for generative dialogue -

a playful and effective toolkit for exploring and stewarding the emergence of something new.

After each session, training materials will be distributed

in order to continue the learning throughout the week.

Day 0 is all about Expectations and Intentions.

Here we offer a 30-min 1-on-1 call to build a first connection and a common understanding of your intention and expectations for the course. Ideally, this conversation happens a few days before the start of Week 1.

In our experience, this first touchpoint supports an easy start into the course. 


Day 0

Onboarding Call


Week 1

Arriving at Basecamp

Week 1 is all about Connecting and Building Capacities.

Here we establish the collective energy and intelligence that empowers all participants throughout the course.


Together we learn and practice how to use the foundations of Dialogue (listening, respecting, suspending and voicing) to build an effective culture around our core purpose.

In Week 2 we connect with the personal Being and Doing.


Here, we explore how our purpose, values and beliefs shape the images we have of our 'ideal' self. 


Together we find our path forward with an effective strategy and the ability to create the habits that manifest it.


Week 2

Finding the Path


Week 3

Sensing into the Unknown

In Week 3, we dive into Empathy and Systems Thinking.

By deeply listening and asking questions, we sense into systems, their stakeholders' needs and resources.


Together, we will find paths through the complexity of our own change intentions and get more comfortable in the unknown.

Week 4 is the time for Connecting Dots and Sharing Insights.


This session is an opportunity for a guided generative dialogue where all course mates get to support and ensure each other's life-long journey of positive change.

It works as an open forum where alumni of the course are also invited to reconnect and explore with the students their latest learning and challenging experiences.

Week 4

Week 4

Preparing for the Future

Meet the Facilitators


Falko Döring

Puzzle Innovation

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Tiago Mendes

Puzzle Innovation

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Pierre Golbach

sensemakers collective

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