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How do we succeed?

How do we innovate?

How do we strategize?

How do we co-create?

How do we reach out?

How do we team up?

How do we build?

How do we solve?

How do we lead?

How do we avoid?

How do we play?

How do we work?



Out of the Box

You are in need of something different?

With our wide network and range of expertise, we are confident to find a solution for you!

Contact us by clicking here and we will get back to you in less than 24hrs.

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Training Courses

From a one time session to a long-lasting programme, we build capacities for an individual as well as groups, both in theory and practice.


Our approach here is, the better you know yourself and your team, the better you can connect and lead.


These courses can also be customised for groups accordingly. The topics in which we offer these courses are:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Innovation Practices

  • Community Building

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Design Sprints

We help teams innovate and build better solutions.


Using Co-creation and Design Thinking, we specialise in bringing together people to ideate, prototype and solve a challenge while being resourceful.


Some of the topics we specialise in are: 

  • Product and Strategy development

  • Vision and Mission conceptualisation

  • UI/UX dev. & MVP creation

  • Scenario exploration

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Team Building

Be it a fun retreat or part of a corporate event, we design and provide solutions to engage in team-building activities that focus on creating a culture of effective communication, conflict resolution and trust.

​A ready-made solutions is available in the form of our Puzzle Box!.


A few examples of possible activities are:

  • Trust Building

  • Effective Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Case Clinic

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Event Management

Be it a single day event or a multi-day conference, we are here to support you in terms of event flow design & facilitation, marketing and communications, ticketing, technological expertise, and as well as engagement strategies.

How we work

How we work.png

Your Puzzle

The Playfield

The Performance

Do you want to bring people together to solve a challenge?

We help you make sense of the big picture and facilitate your journey, making it powerful, pleasant and playful.

Together we explore your intention and expected outcomes.

With this information, we design a unique flow of activities, boundaries and rules where creative solutions can be found.


Take a look at our frameworks here.

Your event arrives!

We can be on stand-by to support or take full care of facilitation.


You decide the level of engagement you need from our side. 

Past Puzzles

park3 (1).jpg

On 26th of June 2020, The Climate Choice organized their annual conference with our support as a creativity and engagement partner. We provided interactive video platform and whiteboard. As a result of our collaboration, in the feedback participants voted the community and the interactive tools as the two points which they enjoyed on the event with an overall NPS of 146%. Looking forward to next year!

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